Birthday Party Ideas

*Note: This blog post is now updated as it’s own page PARTY PLANNING


I’m a bit of a planner so thought I’d start searching around for places we could potentially have Jack’s birthday party….in October.  Can’t start too early, right?  Because sometimes it’s a bit easier (and more fun) to hold the party elsewhere (and skip the major clean-up).

As always, I was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of options in our sweet town.  Here is what I’ve found so far for local businesses offering facilities and even party packages in Bend, Oregon.  I have also included a few resources for entertainment/party supply rentals, either at home or another location:

Places to PartyHappy Birthday!

Entertainment & Rental Ideas

And every good party starts with the invite.  One of my Bunco friends, just started her own design studio….check it out…and I love the name: Smitten Design Studio

Anyone have other ideas, favorite places or entertainment ideas that should be added to the list?